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Why Invest In K-12 Education

“Curriculum is becoming commoditized.”
So says Jason Palmer, a general partner at New Markets Venture Partners.

What the Data Tells Us

From 2016 to 2018, funding for products that support K-12 educators and learners has remained relatively flat—at around $318 million. But breaking down K-12 investments into more distinct categories, funding for curriculum products dropped from about 50 percent of the K-12 sector to just 25 percent, while funding for tools that support classroom teachers and products that streamline school operations has grown. This dip in funding is particularly shocking for the camp of investors who consider that using digital curriculum products might have a positive impact on students’ learning.

Source : Edsurge

In 2016, the amount of dollars invested in K-12 curriculum products was $150 million. Last year, it was $90 million. What has caused the edtech market to decrease over the past three years? And more importantly, with fewer dollars invested, where is the money going? Is it targeted at the curricular areas that teachers feel are most impactful for learners? Products designed to teach coding, sequencing and programming languages have become the front runner when it comes to curriculum investments, even though funding in this area has been dropping since 2016. Investors see a greater potential return on investment with coding products, which is largely influenced by changes in both federal and state policies.

Source : Edsurge
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